Test Post

Then Covid stuck the bike for nearly 3 months in the UK. But at the end of may my friend could come to Germany to our race at Hockenheim. Thanks Axel Wendorff. Bike was in an exceptional condition. Many thanks … Read More

Raffle Prize Winner of Yamaha 250 4DP

Thanks for taking the time to drop the bike off and through the competitions that you run, giving people the opportunity to actually own a TZ250. Thank you

Raffle Prize Winner of Honda RS 250

Gunter Now “my” story: After I took part in the bike raffles from the beginning of them I had the big luck to hear my name announced as the winner of the January 2021 raffle. I won the superb 1990 … Read More

Raffle Prize Winner of Yamaha TZ 250 (1981)

Kieran November 21 2020 7.15 am Australian time I received a messenger call I remember I wasn’t going to answer it as was getting ready for work , anyway I answered and it was Jamie congratulating me for winning my … Read More

Raffle Prize Winner of Yamaha TZ 350 C

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to Jamie at Windy Shed Classics for putting the effort in to running the raffles and giving everyone an equal opportunity to own an expensive now hard to come … Read More

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