Raffle Prize Winner of Honda RS 250


Now “my” story: After I took part in the bike raffles from the beginning of them I had the big luck to hear my name announced as the winner of the January 2021 raffle. I won the superb 1990 Honda RS250NF5. So, how to get it to Germany? Brexit was fresh and more difficult Covid had everything tied down. Windy Sheds Classics got me in touch with a bike transport company to get the bike moved from Liverpool to Milton Keynes. Thanks Darren Abbey for doing the transport. At Milton Keynes a german racing friend kept the bike in the Honda F1 headquarters where he is the boss of the engine department. Bike was stored in the storeroom of the laboratory there.. Then Covid stuck the bike for nearly 3 months in the UK. But at the end of may my friend could come to Germany to our race at Hockenheim. Thanks Axel Wendorff. Bike was in an exceptional condition. Many thanks again. Sadly I have no pic me together with the bike. I simply forgot that. Bike is now sat in a friend’s Honda collection beside genuine Mang and Bradl bike of that era.

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